Yummy in the Tummy!

I absolutely love to cook!  I consider myself a T-N-T cook.  That is a Taste-N-Tweak type of girl.  It is a rare recipe that I come across that I don't tweak in some way.  I also enjoy just throwing miscellaneous things together and (usually) enjoy the outcome.  I have made some spit-worthy blunders, but I don't allow that to deter me.  I love my crockpot and my dutch oven and I have a weakness for all spices.  As much as I love cooking, I also don't have hours on end to devote to it.  For the most part, I stick with simple and basic recipes that can be thrown together quickly.  I am however, learning to do more cooking from scratch and for those things that take more time, I am freezing to make my days a bit simpler.  If there is a recipe you don't see listed and would like a copy of, please just leave a comment and I will try to get it to you!  Thanks for stopping by!
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