Random Acts of Kindness

As we began to enter Christmas season 2011, I became burdened with the materialism I saw in my children and even myself.  I started looking for ways to take our focus off ourselves and find ways to glorify God during this holy season.  What I settled on was RACK (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness).  That began a journey unlike any other we had been on before.  That journey continues to this day, well past the Christmas season.  The journey taught us so much and changed each one of us.

Isabella's Birthday Project 2012

Fighting My Jonah

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness ~ the idea forms!

RACK Idea List & Day 1

RACK Day 2

RACK Day 3

RACK Day 4? Wherefore art thou?

RACK Day 4 & 5

RACK Day 6 ~ The Best One Yet!

RACK Day 7 ~ the biggest one

RACK Day 8

RACK Day 9

RACK Day 10

RACK Day 11 ~ Phew!

RACK Day 12 ~ "Awesome!" 

RACK 13,14 & 15!

RACK 16 & 17

RACKs 18, 19, 20 & 21 all in one day!

RACK 22 ~ and a soapbox!


RACK 24 and 25

RACK Conclusion?