Tuesday, December 6, 2011

RACK day 4 & 5

Since illness kept us in for day 4, we did two days in one today.  First, we left a note, a water bottle and a Malley's "survival kit" (a fabulous box of misc. chocolates and candies) for our mail carrier.  It was a dreary rainy day and we live on a busy road, so I didn't risk taking a picture.  :(
Our second RACK was to send a care package to a college student going through finals week.  We sent all sorts of goodies including chocolates, mac and cheese, Twizzlers, gum , pretzels and so on. When we went to our small town post office to mail the package, it was extremely busy.  This place is never that busy (they have a bell on the counter in case you come in and no one is there).  This just reiterates that taking goodies to our hard working postal workers is definitely on the RACK to do list!

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