Friday, December 9, 2011

RACK day 8

Our eighth RACK was fun!  One of the beautiful things about this time of the year is the arrival of yummy seasonal goodies.  One of which is Peppermint Mocha.  Yes, Peppermint Mocha is the sparkly glitter that perfectly compliments this season.  It gives you that caffeine boost in the midst of the busy hustle and bustle yet the sweet aroma is enough to slow the whole world down for just a moment.  Ahhhhh . . . .!  Yes, I am a fan.  :)
Anyway (back to RACK), we picked up some Peppermint Mochas and dropped them off at my salon.  The girls there are so sweet and truly kind.  The owner, Patti, is my stylist and she is an absolute gem!  I don't just get a pedicure or a hair cut.  It is a chance to connect and rejuvenate.  Since we live in a small town, I see these ladies periodically out and about as well.  They are sweet hardworking ladies.  So, they made our RACK list.  I took my favorite holiday beverage to my favorite stylists!  The kids were so excited to walk in with all these Peppermint Mochas.  They were also excited because I let them have Peppermint Hot Cocoas for the first time, too!  When Isabella handed Patti the RACK card, she smiled and laughed.  She also had been following my facebook and blog posts.  It was a small RACK, but it still brought smiles and a blessing to someone not expecting it!  I love this stuff!  Back to anonymous RACKing tomorrow.
Oh, and since I love this salon so much, I'll put a little plug in for them!  See the link to view their site to get details about one of my favorite places!  The Grand Strand Salon and Spa

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