Tuesday, December 6, 2011

RACK day 6 ~ best one yet!

Today was definitely my favorite so far.  It wasn't even what I was planning for today.  We had to go to Walmart to get our oil changed and pick up a few miscellaneous items.  The store was actually not that busy.  When we got in line to checkout, there was one lady ahead of us.  After she was finished, a new cashier took over.  She looked young, but tired beyond her years.  There was a still sadness in her eyes.  She was tiny, but very pregnant.  I was buying a restaurant gift card for a friend and I added a Walmart gift card to our purchase.  Not much, but something.  When we had finished and were ready to go there was no one behind us in line so I slipped one of our RACK papers out of my purse (always prepared!) and handed it and the gift card to the cashier.  She looked at it and then at me in confusion.  I simply said, "Merry Christmas" and started walking away.  Shock took over her face as she looked down at the RACK paper in her hand.  She looked as though she may cry.  I hurried away (I was about to cry) and quietly explained to the kids that we had just RACK'd our cashier.  They thought it was pretty awesome.  So did I!  As we were pulling out of the parking lot, I reminded the kids that we need to pray for the people we RACK, especially this girl that we didn't even know, that they may come to know the Lord.  Isabella was quick to point out that she was pregnant and that maybe if she got saved, she could lead her baby (when older) to salvation too!  I was not planning this one, but as I stood there watching her scan items, with an emptiness in her eyes, I felt God was telling me that this was the one.  This was who He put in my path to be a blessing to today.  Let me just say, my heart sings a little wondering how God may use this small act.  If you think of it, pray for our "Walmart Lady" today.

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