Monday, December 26, 2011

RACK 24 and 25

RACKs 24 and 25 were a two in one kind of thing.  I had been thinking about who would need encouragement on Christmas Day.  There are so many people that I could think of.  I settled on those working in the emergency medical field and those that might need that emergency care, specifically children.  From the trips that I have made to the emergency room with children, it can not only be scary, but overwhelming and draining for a child.  On top of the fact, any child in the emergency room, whether there as a patient or with a family member, is need of some extra love and care.  Well, earlier in the month I saw a bunch of Little Golden Books on sale and we stocked up.  I have a bit of a love affair with Little Golden Books.  I grew up on those books and seeing that gold spine just warms my heart and takes me back to a little girl sitting cross-legged on the living room eagerly flipping through the pages.  We took each of the books and taped a RACK card on the inside cover.  I had the exact amount of RACK cards left to fill each book!  We didn't quite have enough tracts, but we put what we had left in the back of each book.  RACK 24 was ready to go!
RACK 25 was definitely easy in preparation.  The day before we purchased a whole bunch of clementines (yet another love affair of mine ~ sweet little fruit that can be peeled easily with your fingers and no seeds!  What's not to love?) and a case of water bottles.  RACK 25 was ready!  :)
We loaded everything up in the car Christmas afternoon and headed to our local emergency room.  We walked in carrying all the goodies and we were greeted by a woman at the counter.  She asked us how she could help us.  I told her that we brought the clementines and water bottles for those that were faithfully working on Christmas to care for the rest of us.  To say that she was thrilled would be an understatement.  Another woman peeked around the corner and her face just lit up when she realized what was going on.  We then gave them the books and explained they were for any children that may be in the emergency room, either as a patient or with a family member.  They were so very grateful!
We quickly left and my children just exploded with joy.  They kept replaying everything the ladies had said and how cool they thought it was.  As we pulled out of the parking lot, a minivan was pulling in.  I wondered if there might be some poor child in that vehicle that we might be ministering to without ever meeting them.  Again, God only knows who will blessed by all the RACKs we have done.

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