Sunday, December 25, 2011


RACK 23 was yet another one of those rerouted ones that makes me sit back and wonder what God has up His sleeve.  He so clearly opens doors and closes doors to lead and direct us to different people.  It was Christmas Eve and with my husband's work schedule (cows don't take a holiday!), we were going to have to eat dinner in a quick hurry and run to make it to Christmas Eve Service on time.  My husband and I were both singing in the service and my son, Michael, was playing piano.  We had to get there early for sound checks and quick run-throughs.  My husband suggested that we just do pizza for dinner.  I feel bad for those people that have to work on holidays and I try not to patronize businesses during the time when people would rather be celebrating with their families.  However, this was a crazy early dinner (4:30 to be exact) and I had a plan!  We made up a platter of cookies to take with us when it was time to pick up the pizza.  I called our regular pizza place and they didn't answer.  I assumed that they were closed for the holiday.  So I called a place nearby that I had actually never been to before.  They were there and rather cheerfully took my order.  I asked them how late they were open on this Christmas Eve, and they said that they might be able to close as early as 7:00.  When it was time to pick up our fabulous Christmas Eve dinner, we grabbed our platter of cookies (and some canned goods as this pizza place discounted your pizza for donating to their food drive) and took off.  We drove right passed our usual pizza place.  Guess what?  They were open!  Huh.  They always answer their phone if they are open so I was definitely surprised.  This is when I just smiled to myself and figured that God was directing us elsewhere.  I ran in to get the pizza and gave the ladies at the counter the platter of cookies.  They were so surprised and appreciative.  The one woman said that this was nicest thing anyone had done for them all day.  The other lady was slightly giddy at the sight of some white chocolate cookies we had.  We left our RACK card and the tract and skedaddled on home to chow down.  We added them to our RACK prayer list and will continue to pray that God will use this little act of kindness and the info we left with them to draw them to Himself.  Mission accomplished
Only two more RACKs to do and I can't wait!  I am off to stuff stockings for the little ones before they come charging down the stairs! Merry Christmas everyone!

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