Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today is December 1st! That means the beginning of our Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. I am so excited and so are the kids. We can't wait to get started. We compiled a list (I'm sure we will add to it as we get more ideas) that I've included below for ideas. We have more ideas than days, so some won't get done at this time. That doesn't mean that we that we can't continue this after Christmas!! I also made up little cards that we are going to post with our RACKs.

Random Acts of Kindness

Purchase and donate coloring books and crayons to a hospital waiting room.

Tape microwave popcorn to Redbox machine

Shop for and donate a Thanksgiving/Christmas meal

Take holiday books and leave at a children's play area in mall

Buy hot cocoa for Salvation Army bell ringers

Tape candy canes and notes to atms

Offer to buy a pack of gum or mints for the checkout person

Take peppermint mocha to a local childcare for the workers (I've done that job, they need extra energy!)

Hand out holiday flowers

Take baked goodies to library staff

Take thank yous and baked goodies to police

Take thank yous and baked goodies to county sheriff's office

Take thank yous and baked goodies to fire station

Pay for someone's santa pictures at the mall

Go grocery shopping specifically to give away in the Food for Families box

Pass out candy to those mailing Christmas cards at the post office

Collect canned goods for the food pantry

Collect clothes for the Community Center in Cleveland

Take small gifts/goodies to our hard working postal employees

Leave a gift basket/fruit basket on the doorstep or a family in need

Give cookies/treats to employees with words of thanks

Leave a treat and thank you in the mailbox for our letter carrier

Give our garbage/recycle driver hot cocoa & treat

Christmas Eve: Take mocha & cookies to store employees working night shift

Christmas Day: Deliver special goodies to those working/recovery in the hospital.

Buy coffee for a stranger at Starbucks

Pay past due library fees for a stranger

Donate used books to a school library

Buy a grocery gift card and give it to the person behind you in line

Buy $5 fast food gift cards and hand them out.

Make muffins/cookies and take them to church some evening

Leave quarters at the laundromat

Pump a stranger's gas so they don't have to get out in the cold

Take water bottles to busy nurses

Deliver balloons/small stuffed animals to the children's floor of a hospital

Hide book store gift cards in random books

Give a random family a restaurant gift card (walk up, place it on the table and leave)

Help load groceries in the car of an elderly person

Adopt a family for Christmas (buy small gifts/gift cards and donate anonymously)

Leave quarters in the carts at Aldi

Take cookies to neighbors and invite them to Christmas Eve service

Send a care package to a college student with popcorn, hot cocoa and goodies

Send a card/flowers/balloons with pictures made by kids to a shut-in

Send a card/package to a soldier

Leave a generous tip for a waitress or in a tip jar

You have been RACK'd!

Random Acts of

Christmas Kindness

This Christmas season we are counting down

the 25 days of Christmas by performing a


We pray that this little act may bless you and that

you may discover God's precious gift this Christmas season.

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world

that He GAVE* His one and only Son,

that whoever (this means you!*) believes in Him

shall not perish but have eternal life."

*emphasis added by us!

Feel free to leave more suggestions in the comment section!!

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  1. LOVE your ideas!! Have to mention, that even though it may seem materialistic, just this week I had a customer leave me a very generous tip for his lunch. He and his family are always friendly and polite, and he just smiled and said "this is for you." Made my day!